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Unreal Indy Lights Freedom 100, 4 Wide Finish

This Friday is Carb Day at Indy and yea they haven’t used carburetors in decades, but that just doesn’t matter. It’s one of the great traditions in all of motorsports. It’s the Indy 500’s appetizer before Sunday’s main course. As we’ve said before, Indy is in the holy triumvirate of race tracks, and almost on cue, it produces one of the most amazingly fantastic finishes to a race that anyone has ever seen.

If the 500 is anything like the Indy Lights Freedom 100 race, we are in for one hell of a treat come Sunday. 0.0026 seconds and 4 Inches was all that separated 1st from second.  The top 4 finishers were within a car length of each other. Wow. Sit back and enjoy!

(Source: YouTube)

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