Fun Things To Do At The Show

If you need a break from seeing the new rides during the 2014 New York International Auto Show there is a lot of fun things to do on the side. There’s a handful of simulators peppered throughout the different levels of the auto show. In the first level by the Ford Truck booth you’ll find the Ford F150 Raptor simulator. A racing seat connected to a system of steering wheel and pedals with three screens, all bolted on a motorized/pneumatic contraption designed to emulate the F150 going through its intended environment.




The Pirelli booth, located on the main floor opposite of the GM wing entrance, has an F1 game hooked up to a set of pedals and a force feedback steering wheel.



As we mentioned in the liveblog the Jeep Experience was a true test of the Jeep lineup’s capabilities. The closed off-road course takes the vehicle (we were riding in the Wrangler Willy’s Wheeler edition) through a set of off camber climbs, steep inclines and declines, uneven logs, and other fun sections. If you were ever on the fence to buy a Jeep, go here and see what it can really do first. Also, no, you don’t actually drive it yourself, someone will do that for you.

SONY DSCNo racing simulator is good enough without Playstation’s Gran Turismo engine. This simulator puts you in the digital Toyota FT-1 concept racing with other FT-1’s in the Fuji Speedway. The racing seat, the force feedback wheel and the pedals make this the most comfortable and ergonomic simulator in the entire show.





What’s the coolest looking simulator of the whole show? The Dodge Challenger Challenge! They rigged a Challenger with a rumble seat and connected it to a set of screens. The simulator uses the R-Factor simulation engine, racing the Challenger on a fictitious course. The actual steering wheel and pedals of the car are the controls for this simulator. The racing itself was quite easy (Hint: Don’t use the brakes) with many brake and turning assists turned on. Even though the simulation was a bit cheesy, this was by far the coolest looking simulator in the entire show.

What’s your favorite part of the show?

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