The Boys Are Back! Clarkson, Hammond, And May Are Heading To Amazon Prime.

Lets face it, if you frequent this site then you are a fan of Top Gear. In the past couple of days there has been some major news surrounding the World’s premiere motoring show. We all knew Clarkson, Hammond, and May would join forces for a new show we just didn’t know where that show would be. Netflix and ITV were some of the names thrown around. Well, as of July 30th The trio announced they would be taking their talents to Amazon Prime.

“I feel like I’ve climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship,” Clarkson stated in typical Clarksonian fashion.

The Trio took to twitter to announce their excitement on the new deal. When they do come to Amazon, you can watch all their shows right here.

Image Courtesy of McLaren
Image Courtesy of McLaren

Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s former employer may be adding some significant star power to their lineup as well. Since the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson and subsequent departures of Richard Hammond and James May, the BBC has been scrambling to find Presenters. First they Hired Chris Evans, a hugely popular radio personality. Now, if the Daily Mail is to believed, they will add 2009 F1 World Champion Jenson Button to the new cast. Not surprisingly the BBC has refused to comment on the Mail’s “Speculation”.

Button is in the midst of one of his worst seasons in recent memory. Honda’s unreliable and underpowered engine has fueled rumors aplenty for both McLaren drivers. Button’s teammate Fernando Alonso is rumored to exit F1 for the WEC. Button himself has been linked to a LMP1 ride. This is F1’s “Silly Season” so rumors about driver movement is commonplace. What is real and what is media speculation is difficult to tell.

Speculation aside, with Evans, Button’s addition would lend immediate international star power and automotive credibility to the new cast. However, Top Gear’s monumental success was down to the chemistry between Clarkson, Hammond and May. No amount of fame or fortune gaurentees success.  Clarkson, May and Hammond were a once in a generation cast. It’s nearly impossible for any group to match them. That said, “New” Top Gear can be successful. Big question is can it pass what I affectionately call the “Lauren Test?” Let me explain, Lauren is one of my best friends, but for all her general awesomeness, a car person she is not. She likes cars, but isn’t like the rest of us. She watched Top Gear because of the 3 Presenters and the interaction between them, and loved the show because of it. With or without Button, “New” Top Gear’s success will hinge on the new cast’s ability to capture the eyes of the casual viewer, or Laurens out there. And this is something only time will tell. Now we’ll see which one can deliver on the next era of mega car shows.


Editor’s Note: We will be listening to this song for the rest of the day. I also think that this is a good idea for a new theme song.

Written by Chad Kennedy

Chad burst from the womb wearing a racing suit and a helmet. Chad's passion for cars is in his very DNA. His father was a gear head and passed on the tradition through owning such classics as a '66 Mustang and a '59 Corvette all while taking him to various race tracks in the area. Chad likes to wrench on his rides whenever possible, forgoing the stealership. Chad is an avid motorsports fan with particular interest in endurance/sports car racing. When not online writing for Shifting Lanes, you can find him working at the local golf course teaching people how to swing or hooning a golf cart at impossible speeds.


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