BREAKING: Here Are The Leaked 2017 F-Type SVR Images Ahead Of Jaguar’s Unveiling

The want is strong here.

According to reports on multiple outlets, Jag is set to debut an F-type SVR with a range topping 567hp/424lb-ft. Be still my quivering heart. The brochure, apparently leaked inadvertently (yea right) by a German reporter, showcases the new F-Type with more aggressive body paneling in the form of a new front splitter, hood vents, and a fixed rear wing.


This new variant will be offered in coupe and drop top form. Though not a fan of convertibles on the whole, this looks spectacular.

F-Tpe-25SVR-Jag-25With an adaptive sports suspension, an electronic differential, optional carbon ceramic brakes, 20 inch wheels, new rear diffuser, and a 0-60 time in the 3.7 second range, the AWD only SVR will undoubtedly be a nice little track toy for those looking for something other than a 911 GT3RS.

Since we can’t have one, all we can do it oogle at the pictures. And oogle we shall. Sit back and enjoy the car porn.









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