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PREVIEW: Spyker C8 Preliator

The 2016 New York International Auto Show is almost here and the next car company to show North America its goodies is the Spyker. You heard that right, Spyker is still alive. No, they did not go kaput thanks to a last minute appeal that overturned their bankruptcy in the last days of 2014. So for the 2016 NYIAS, Spyker will be bringing forth their new Spyker C8 Preliator, recently announced in the Geneva International Motor Show. What does Preliator mean? It means “Fighter” or “Warrior” in Latin, and perhaps that’s just what the Spyker company needs at this point, a “Fighter” to fight off its nonexistent sales.

The new Preliator will be a mid-engined supercharged V-8, sourced from Audi, that produces a healthy 525 brake horsepower to the rear wheels. Spyker states that there will only be 50 units produced for this batch, all designed for owners who are looking for that bespoke touch.


spyker-preliator-1 spyker-preliator-8 spyker-preliator-10 spyker-preliator-9

The NYIAS will be a tough field for Spyker to make a statement though, as there will be many vehicles that potentially will steal the limelight, such as the Koenigsegg One:1 and the Koenigsegg Regera. Spyker hopes that their presence will be met with good graces as half of their production has been sold in the United States.


spyker-preliator-interior-3 spyker-preliator-interior-2

Evolution of a Classic

The Spyker C8 Preliator marks the next step in Spyker Cars’ evolution. The 2-door mid-engine sports car will offer the discerning driver of the highest standards a new choice, delivering a rare combination of heritage, design, craftsmanship, performance and exclusivity.

Highly detailed design, bespoke materials and aviation-inspired elements are a core part of the Spyker DNA. Spyker’s third-generation sports car features design cues from jet propulsion aircraft, highlighting the turbine blade, NACA duct air inlets and little wings, ailerons, to improve the car’s aerodynamic performance.

With sleek aerodynamics, a long GT-wheelbase, luxurious and spacious cabin and world-class drivetrain, the new C8 Preliator has broadened the appeal of the Spyker brand while maintaining the marque’s exclusivity.

Source: Spyker

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