Sunday’s NHRA Top Fuel Final: No Boys Allowed

Lets take a moment to salute the ladies out there. You have to deal with a lot don’t you? For starters you put up with all of our crap. You have to deal with us trying to “impress” you with bad attempts at rally driving or hand brake turns. Though you protest or feign looks of disapproval we know you think otherwise. We know you like to go fast and we know you know we know it. So cut your man some slack the next time he does something crazy in a car to impress you. He’s only doing it because he loves you. Orrr, laugh at him and mock him relentlessly when he inevitably fails. Which brings me in a round about sort of way to Sunday’s NHRA Top Fuel Final in Phoenix.

Leah Pritchett squared off against Brittany Force, which made it the first all-female Top Fuel final since 1982. The ladies in question back then? Shirley Muldowny and Lucille Lee of course. This time Pritchett got the better of Force for the first win of her career. Congratulations Leah and Brittany!


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