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Toyota Launches The 2016 TS050

While we were away at the New York International Auto Show, the WEC was busy launching it’s new for 2017 LMP1 cars. We showed you the Audi earlier this week, next up is Toyota. All new for 2016 is the TS050 hybrid. New engine, new battery storage Toyota is coming out swinging to try and make up for the disappointment of 2015. Gone is the 3.7 naturally aspirated v8. In its place is a 2.4 liter turbocharged 6 cylinder. Also hitting the scrap heap is Toyota’s super capacitor energy storage system, replaced by lithium ion batteries. The new batteries allow Toyota to move up from the 6 megajoule sub class to the max of 8 megajoules. Lastly, Toyota’s electroshock blue livery is gone, replaced by an orange black and white livery, that to my eye looks much better. The 2014 champs are gunning for their German rivals only time will tell if their efforts returns them to Championship form or nets them their first overall win at Le Mans.


Toyota TS050

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