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Clarkson, Hammond & May Buying Cars At Auction

The old Top Gear crew was caught filming at a classic car auction, Coys at Ascot, where they were visibly auctioning for some of the items. Clarkson is seen thumbing through a brochure that was showcasing a Lamborghini tractor, of all things. The Telegraph caught these photos showing a camera crew, definitely for the taping of the new Amazon Prime car show The Grand Tour.amazon-prime-show-auction-1amazon-prime-show-auction-2 amazon-prime-show-auction-3amazon-prime-show-auction-4We’re not sure what they actually bid on. If it’s anything like the old Top Gear, we speculate they have a limited budget in which they can buy anything they want to fulfill a specific task. Whatever that may be, Clarkson probably buys the most powerful thing within his budget, Hammond buys the most sentimental thing, and May purchases the most technical vehicle out of the bunch, where he’ll have to make repairs mid-challenge. Whatever it is they do, we’re totally looking forward to seeing the segment when it airs on Amazon Prime in the fall of 2016 amazon-prime-show-auction-5

Source and photo credit: The Telegraph

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