Clarkson Survives The “Most Dangerous Stunt” He’s Ever Attempted

We are all eagerly waiting in hushed anticipation for the new Clarkson, Hammond and May project on Amazon. Every day we seem to get snippets of information on the new show. We all know the boys are no strangers to pushing the limit of cars and their own safety to bring us the quality entertainment we have all grown to know and love. So when Jeremy Clarkson tweets out this:


clarkson danger tweetOn their tenure with Top Gear Clarkson, Hammond and May have done some dangerous stuff. They drove to the¬†North Pole, they took used 4×4’s with questionable modifications along El Camino del Muerte (Bolivia’s Death Road) and they drove through Chernobyl. Granted these were under direct professional supervision so the danger was limited, however these weren’t your typical Sunday drives. So when Clarkson admits to doing the most dangerous stunt he has ever done he officially has my attention. Especially when 1 day later he tweets out this:


Clarkson tweet

Clearly it appears as though Clarkson has been through some serious s***. Wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that there was some form of explosion. Orrrrrrr, it could be a publicity stunt as some are speculating. Call me naive, but I choose to believe this is legit, I mean in a few months time we will be able to watch the show and see what actually happens. Either way, when you combine this with the accident they had earlier this year it appears the boys are pushing their own limits for the new show. Which should make it pretty awesome to watch.


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