F1 Finally Makes A Good Decision.

There is not much race fans can agree on. Whether it be drivers, teams, or manufactures, fans seem to actively seek out arguements on why their guy/team/car is vastly superior to everyone else. That said, there is one thing we can all agree on, the new qualifying format for 2016 in F1 was crap. In theory it was designed to build drama and potentially shake up the grid. In reality it was overly complicated, difficut to follow and universally hated by everyone. In a rare good decision, Formula 1 has elected to go back to the old qualifying system for the Chinese Grand Prix.


Thanks to a letter from all 11 teams to F1 bosses Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone F1 has seen the error of its ways and ditched the elimination style qualifying. My question, what in the holy hell took so long? After the first race in Australia, all of the teams voiced their displeasure with the new system. Hell, they made it known it was total crap before the race weekend. So naturally F1 took the matter, and for the Bahrain Grand Prix did nothing. They kept the new terrible system while they looked for solutions. They looked at an aggregate system that, again, wasn’t necessary. The system used between 2006 – 2015 was perfect. It had the perfect combination of on track action and strategy. It did not need to be changed. Now that F1 has gone back to it, leave it alone. There are plenty of other things that ails F1, stop wasting your time trying to fix something that wasn’t/isn’t broken.

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