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HOW TO: Make The F12 Berlinetta Even More Scary

Novitec Rosso, a Ferrari tuner shop based out of Stetten, Germany, just made a more bonkers version of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, called the N-Largo S. The Berlinetta is already a mad creation from Maranello, housing a 6.3 liter V12 that produces 731 horsepower. The Ferrari tuner has proceeded to up that number to 781 horsepower and 533 lb-ft of torque thanks to a reprogrammed ECU and a more free flowing quad exhaust.

n-largo-s berlinetta-1

The tuner has also infused some Nicki Minaj into the Berlinetta and introduced a very widebody kit, allowing a 7 cm increase in the front and a 14 cm wider track in the rear axle. There are a bunch of other aerodynamic upgrades such as the completely new carbon fiber front fascia, a modest carbon fiber spoiler and enhanced trunk lip spoiler, buttoned up by a tasteful carbon fiber rear fascia and diffuser in the rear.

n-largo-s berlinetta-3

n-largo-s berlinetta-2

Youtuber, Shmee150, has done a proper job introducing the N-Largo S, which disappointingly will only have 11 examples in this world. The video records the sound of the exhaust quite well, and it sounds exactly how you would think: like 100,000 mutant killer bees. After you check out Shmee’s video, check out the official video released by Novitec Rosso below.

(Source: Shmee150 & Novitec Rosso)

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