Before F1: Ayrton Senna vs Martin Brundle

Ayrton Senna was a racing legend, but you already knew that. You already knew he won 3 championships. And you already knew he was tragically taken from us far to soon. You knew he had one of the fiercest rivalries in motorsport history with Alain Prost. But before all that, before the championships, before his heated feud with Prost there was another rivalry. A rivalry that took place not in F1 but in F3. In his formative racing years before the name Senna was synonymous with speed there was his F3 1983 season. The other driver? Martin Brundle. In a recently released documentary entitled, ‘Senna vs Brundle’ we get an in-depth look at their 1983 F3 season. A season in which they dominated the competition, winning 19 of the 20 races. Both drivers would be in F1 the next season and the rest is history.

for more info on where to buy, visit the documentary’s website HERE. For now enjoy the trailer.

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