F1 Flashback: Piquet and Patrese Wreck At The 1985 Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is the crown jewel of the F1 calendar. While the 2016 installment is May 29th, we take a look back at the dramatic 1985 race. As you will see in the video below Nelson Piquet attempted to pass Riccardo Patrese. It did not go well. The result caused both cars to spin and Patrese’s car in particular left transmission oil on the track. Which in turn lead to Niki Lauda skidding off track and subsequently stalling. Michele Alboreto, who was leading in his Ferrari was also affected. Handing the lead to Alain Prost. Alboreto would retake the lead only to lose it again after cutting down a tire, which handed victory to Prost.

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