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How To Ruin A Cutlass 442: Cam Newton Edition.

Few things in sports are as sweet as watching your favorite team win a Championship. I was lucky enough to have my Broncos win the Super Bowl this past February. While having your team win is more than enough, that cherry on top was making Cam Newton look foolish. Newton Dabbed his way into an MVP season. Only to have the new generation Orange Crush Defense shut him down. But this is a car website, how does any of this make it post worthy here? Well, Mr. Newton loves his cars. His most recent car is his personal take on the legendary Cutlass 442. That’s 4 barrel carburetor, 4 speed transmission, 2 exhausts pipes. Anyway, the end result is awful. Really, its terrible. It should be against the law to ruin a classic like this. Not saying Newton should serve jail time, but a hefty fine should be levied in his direction. Just look at it? The wheels are too big and all of that gold? No, just no. Not to mention the custom Carolina Panthers emblem, it’s a bolt on. Meaning it can be changed should Mr. Newton decide to change teams. Takes a special kind of person to plan for the future like that.

cn 442

To make matters worse Newton has apparently issued a gag order on the shop that begrudgingly built it for him. While Newton’s handlers deny any such order has been issued the shop is staying tight-lipped about this crime against the muscle car.

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