Jackie Stewart On Driving A Penske Indy Car

Jackie Stewart is a Formula 1 Legend. He won the World Championship in 1969, 1971 and again in 1973. He Raced at Le Mans and also in the completely insane Can Am series. If it had 4 wheels and an engine, Sir Jackie drove it, and drove it quite fast.

Stewart was also one of the original champions for driver safety. Jackie was one of the first drivers to find Formula 1’s mortality rate completely unacceptable. Stewart and his supporters forced F1 to take a hard look at safety and make necessary changes to keep drivers alive.

Today we look back to when Stewart drove a PC17 Indy 500 winning, Penske Indy Car. He may not have driven the wheels off it due to the less than stellar conditions. In this video his blunt honest approach is refreshing, and we could honestly listen to Stewart talk race cars all day

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