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The New Raptor Blasts Through The Desert.

Pickup Trucks are the automotive equivalent of crocodiles. Bear with me this will make sense soon. Crocodiles were basically around when dinosaurs ruled the world. They have changed very little and are still perfectly suited for their environment. Pickup trucks are the same way. They have changed very little since their inception. Steel, body on frame construction big V8 option the formula has stayed the same. Like the croc they are perfectly suited to their task.

Ford however is looking to change all that. They are looking to bring the pickup into the 21st century. Bonded aluminum body, smaller displacement turbo charged gasoline engines. The apex of the F-150 line is the Raptor. Sporting things like a 3.5 liter V6 and paddle shifters it is one of the weirdest pickups on the planet. It is also, one of the most capable as Ford proudly demonstrates in the following video.

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