What Does The Voodoo GT350 Engine Sound Like? Here’s A Small Taste

We attended the 2016 North American Track Tour, presented by Ford Performance, to test out the all new Ford Mustang GT350 around the “Tricky Triangle”, the Pocono Raceway. A lengthy review is in the process but we managed to gather a quick video of the GT350 and its leaner twin brother, the GT350R, starting up, driving around, and thrashing it down a straightaway. We’ll save the details for the review, but let’s just say the flat-plane crank V8 is nothing we’ve experienced before in a muscle car! The 8,250 RPM rev limiter means you can REALLY wring it out before shifting. Enjoy the teaser video below!

Written by Hansen

The engineer amongst the crew, Hansen once built a mini baja car with his bare hands. Hansen had the opportunity to join Honda’s R&D team in Ohio but chose the life of the east coast and the defense industry instead. A die hard auto enthusiast he religiously follows the auto industry and loves long walks in the auto shows.


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