Will Lamborghini’s Shred?

Professional skier, Jon Olsson, has a pretty sweet life. Not only does he have a ton of pretty hot cars, but he also has the luxury of being able to equip his Lamborghini Murcielago with 16mm spikes and blast up the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort in Norway. The Murcielago is a 640 horsepower beast, and being able to put down all that power through all four wheels just makes this supercar a very capable off-roader platform. Check out episode 31 of his vlog below and then visit his blog for super sweet pictures of the Lambo conquering the Norwegian glaciers.
lamborghini murcielago jon olsson

(Source: Jon-Olsson)

Written by Hansen

The engineer amongst the crew, Hansen once built a mini baja car with his bare hands. Hansen had the opportunity to join Honda’s R&D team in Ohio but chose the life of the east coast and the defense industry instead. A die hard auto enthusiast he religiously follows the auto industry and loves long walks in the auto shows.


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