Brad Keselowski Needs To Learn When To Shut Up

Jeff Gordon is a legend. As we all know the 4 time NASCAR champ decided to retire at the end of last season. Gordon spends his retirement as a broadcaster for FOX. So far he has been pretty good at his new career. He offers modern insight into today’s NASCAR and does so in an entertaining and informative way. However, some of the active drivers have taken exception to Gordon. Claiming he is too biased. Specifically Brad Keselowski.

Keselowski overcame an early pit road penalty to finish third in the Axalta 400 on Monday at Pocono Raceway. After his 2nd pit stop Keselowski crew was penalized for illegally modifying the car. The act in question was Keselowski’s rear tire changer slamming his body against the right side of the #2 Ford. The act left a dent. The dent was in such a place that it improved the aerodynamics of the car. This is in violation of NASCAR regulations and Keselowski was ordered to return to pit lane to have the dent repaired.

Jeff Gordon compared the body slam to a similar incident involving Keselowski. He made reference to an earlier incident at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Gordon said on the air that NASCAR penalized Keselowski for it the infraction. However Gordon was mistaken as Keselowski was actually caught speeding on pit road. Keselowski made a great comeback and ended up winning the race.

All of this did not please the 2012 NASCAR Champ. “They need to get some people that aren’t inbred to the sport and own teams and have internal knowledge, because that is pretty crappy,” Keselowski said after the race. “It is what it is. It’s not that I don’t like Jeff Gordon in the booth, it’s just that you need to have people in the booth that don’t own teams or have commercial interests in the sport, because they say things that are very biased.”

In addition to his racing career Gordon is listed as the majority owner on Jimmy Johnson’s 48 machine. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Every single announcer in every single sport has some form of bias. Whether it’s John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman’s unapplogetic homer-ism during Yankee Baseball games or Gordon showing a little favoritism to a car he owns, bias just comes with the job. Hell, Darrel Waltrip openly cheers for Dale Jr. Was Gordon wrong in his statement on air? Yes. Is he the first or the last broadcaster to make a mistake while on air? No. Gordon later admitted his mistake and apologized.

Hell Gordon even admitted his bias:

Brad needs to put on his big boy pants and here’s a novel idea, maybe stop trying to cheat. If his crew hadn’t tried to illegally modify his car, none of this would be an issue. I know there’s an old adage in NASCAR, “If you ain’t cheatin, you ain’t tryin”. But guess what, when you get caught it’s time to take your medicine like a man.

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