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Can’t Wait For The Grand Tour? Watch James May Assemble A Lawn Mower Engine.

So I think for everyone everywhere when I say, “we can not wait for the Grand Tour!”  Especially since the new iteration of Top Gear left us underwhelmed. To us Clarkson, Hammond and May are Top Gear. No ifs ands or buts. To us gearheads (or petrolheads depending on what side of an ocean you live on) the premiere of The Grand Tour is Christmas Day, your birthday and something else really, REALLY awesome all rolled into one. Seeing as how new Top Gear is not really much help passing the time we look for anything that makes the wait more palatable. Well we think we have found the perfect thing to ease your CHM withdrawal symptoms. It comes in the form of Sir James May. Not sure if they actually knighted him but they should. Anyway, in a recent series aptly called the Reassembler we are gifted with James May rebuilding all manner of things. A telephone and an electric guitar just to name a couple. Both are highly entertaining but this is a car website so naturally what we want is to watch Mr. May reassemble a lawn mower engine. Yes, we absolutely do. You know why? Because Captain Slow makes it hugely entertaining. That’s why!

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