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Captain America Taking Heat For New Top Gear’s Poor Showing

As you know the new version of Top Gear has aired along with its sister show, Extra Gear. Between people’s loyalty to Clarkson, Hammond and May and the new show’s less than spectacular debut the new cast has been heavily criticized. Most would agree the biggest issue with the show is new lead man, Chris Evans. Personally I found his episode 1 performance to be the weak point of the show, however I am trying to adopt a wait and see approach. That being said, I can see his shtick getting real old real fast.

In today’s world many take to social media to discuss a wide array of different things. Politics, sports, TV and Movies. The new episode of Top Gear was no different. People flocked to the Twitter and Facebook to express their extreme displeasure with the new show. There was one tiny problem though, they got the wrong man. In case you didn’t know, maybe you were living under a rock or recently came out of a 6 year coma, there are 2 Chris Evans. There is the British Evans who happens to be on the new Top Gear. The other Chris Evans is Captain America or at least he portrays the movie going of the Marvel superhero.

The two Evans have very similar Twitter handles. The British, red-haired Top Gear host is @AChrisEvans while the Avenger who recently had it out with Iron Man is @ChrisEvans. I’m just saying if you feel compelled to yell at a celebrity on Twitter maybe you should take a moment and get the right man. Or, maybe spewing your anger at any Chris Evans is enough. I don’t know I’ve never been so angry I felt moved to yell at a random celebrity. Here is a sample of pure anger being thrown at the incorrect Chris Evans.


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