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Fake Richard Hammond Profile Told You The Boys Would Be Called Shifting Lanes. It Was Wrong.

So back in April and May we had an insane amount of queries about our site being the new stop for Clarkson, Hammond, and May. Like, an abnormally high amount for a site as small as ours. I would venture a guess that more than 1000 comments and more than a handfull of emails were sent our way. We couldn’t really figure out why.

We would of course gently and politely say that we were not C, H, & M, but we wish we were. I mean who doesn’t right? To be the 3 most recognized and respected automotive presenters in the world would be, quite literally, every car guys dream come true. Sadly, again, we are not those guys. We like to think we have our own style, our own opinions, and our own way of going about things. Still, it didn’t stop the questions from flooding in.

Well, thanks to some digging, it seems we’ve found our culprit as to why so many thought we were way more awesome than we are (even though those 3 will never admit it, they’re pretty awesome).

Apparently, a completely and utterly fake Richard Hammond profile (with RICHARD HAMMOND in all caps because it’s apparently shouty Richard Hammond), a page with a staggeringly believable 20,345 page likes, told you that Shifting Lanes was going to be the new show. The post got shared nearly 100 times and had 86 comments while piling up over 700 likes. Given the way Facebook’s algorithm works, there’s a good chance that tens of thousands of people saw this.

Well we’re here to let you know that it’s STILL not true. Though if The Grand Tour guys ever want to collaborate on anything, we’d be more than happy to oblige. Anyone got a contact for them?

(Source: Bookface)

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  1. The fake Hammond post is in fact what brought me to your site and even though it’s not what I had first supposed it to be, I have very much enjoyed all that your posts. Keep up the good work. I for one am glad to have found Shifting Lanes.

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