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Focus RS Chasing A Cayman GT4 At Spa Is All Kinds Of Perfect

The Cayman GT4, 3.8 liters of flat six, 385 horsepower glory. It is easily the best version of Porsche’s “entry level” coupe. It might also be the best track car that can be driven everyday. Starting at $85,000 it is also quite expensive. By comparison the $40,000 Focus RS is a bargin. Especially when you consider you can buy a spare RS for the price of one GT4. The RS is epic, just ask Rory Reid. Enter Spa Francorchamps. It is one of the old guard in the F1 schedule. It is every bit the legendary track. You’d expect the GT4 to blow past the RS and then disappear into the horizon. Crazy thing is, it doesn’t. The little hatchback sticks with the mid engine Porsche. I know there are more variables than just the cars, the driver skill for example. Still, all things being equal this particular combo makes for a fantastic video.


Source: YouTube & Autocar

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