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Formula 1’s Newest Track Drives Past An Actual Castle

Say what you want about the 2016 European Grand Prix. Say that it was scheduled on purpose to clash with the 24 Hours of Le Mans because Bernie didn’t like the idea of some of the drivers getting more recognition in sportscar racing than in his Formula 1. Say any of the 1.76 trillion conspiracy theories surrounding the choice to race on the Baku City Street Course. The fact is based on the video below the track looks pretty good. Unlike most street circuits it looks like it has room and is set up to create passing opportunities. The course is long, at 3.7 miles only Spa is a longer lap. Not to mention there are many buildings that get up close and personal with the race course including an actual real life castle. While the scheduling may not be perfect the actual track has peaked my interest. The European Grand Prix weekend kicks off June 17th with race day June 19th.

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