“I F***ing Hit A Deer!”

Living in Shifting Lanes headquarters, it’s not rare to see suicidal deer lurch out in the middle of the road. In fact we recorded a stubborn deer standing in the middle of the road in our group drive with the 2016 Camaro. In this video Youtuber, Oneroadchopper, was recording a vlog when a deer runs perpendicular to his path. This video is proof that a deer has a very tiny brain, just big enough to function most of its deer body but not large enough to have logic and reasoning to stay alive. The rider managed to get up and walk around, albeit dazed and flustered. It’s not clear what kind of damage the bike sustained, aside from small plastic components that broke off, and what kind of bodily injuries the rider had. If this video taught us anything is that 4 wheels is better than 2 when a deer steps in front of you. Skip to 0:45 to see the action.

(Source: Youtube)

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