NASCAR Needs To Make Right Turns More Often.

NASCAR made its annual trip to California wine country this past weekend. It was a fantastic race, the last 10 laps especially. Tony Stewart got the lead thanks to a timely caution. He would then hold off the hard charging Denny Hamlin. This was fantastic to watch. Hamlin took the lead on the last lap, then Smoke made a pass in the final corner to snatch victory away from Hamlin. It was truly great racing. When it was over I found myself wondering why doesn’t NASCAR do this more often? Why doesn’t NASCAR race on more road courses?

Sonoma 1

I’m sure there is a financial component, road courses don’t generate the revenue the big ovals do. But they produces such good racing. Frankly, how many 1.5 mile tracks do you really need? I’m not suggesting they pack the schedule with road races, just more than 2. Circuit of The Americas, Road America, Mid-Ohio, Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca are all phenomenal tracks. I know the Xfinity series goes to Mid-Ohio and Road America, but let the big boys go there. Pick 2 of those tracks, add them to the schedule and let’s get more road racing goodness out of the Left turn society.

Sonoma 2

Lastly, not only should NASCAR have more races on road courses, they should also have a road race in the Chase. I know, some of you are cringing at that, but the whole point of the Chase is to produce a Champion. The Champion should be good on all types of tracks. Which is why the Chase should have at least 1 race on a Super Speedway, 1 on a short track, 1 on a 1.5 mile track and 1 on a Road Course. Yes that would be a disadvantage to some guys. But those drivers can suck it up. Want to be a champion, upgrade your driving, simple as that.

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