Porsche’s 2017 GTE Contender Spied Testing At Monza

We have been keeping close tabs on Porsche’s 2017 GTE contender. Or as close as is possible when dealing with the Germans. First it was reported that the new RSR would be turbocharged. Then it was reported it would be N/A. Now some interesting video has surfaced and to my ears that car sounds turbocharged. It would make sense to turbocharge seeing as turbo cars dominated GTE at Le Mans this year.

As you can see in the photos below, the new Porsche features side vents which are similarly placed as they are on the 911 Turbo road car. The new car also features a new rear wing and a re-shaped rear. This presumably to accommodate the 2017 RSR’s revised, mid-engine layout.

Now, it back and enjoy some Flat 6 fantastic-ness.

2017 911 gte
Photo: Stefano Ciabattoni

Source: SportsCar365 & Stefano Ciabattoni

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