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Toyota’s Badass Camry. Wait What?

The Toyota Camry is Toyota’s typically boring, dull, drab family sedan that you would only purchase when you need something safe and reliable. Something to lug the wife and 2 kids around. You typically don’t buy a Camry out of want but rather need. Which makes it the perfect base for NASCAR. Not really, but that didn’t stop them. Today’s NASCAR cars are anything but stock. They share nothing but a name and basic appearance with the street car who’s name they carry. The Chevy SS is the only car in NASCAR that’s production variant carries a V8 and rwd. Toyota Took this very seriously and decided to show NASCAR fans what an actual NASCAR Camry would actually look like. The end result is this:


What you are looking at is a collaboration between RK Motors and TRD. It started life as a Solara, and had nearly all of the Toyota sensible-ness ripped out, including the engine. In went a 358 cubic inch V8 that makes a very un-Camry-like 680 horsepower. Did I also mention it is a manual, and rear wheel drive? No? Well it is and that makes it the most desirable Camry in the history of Camrys. Sadly It is a one-off built as a marketing device. The car debuted at SEMA in 2010 and was featured at car shows and NASCAR events alike.

Camry v8

Here’s the thing though. While this will never even sniff the possibility of potentially of becoming a production car you can buy this one, this exact one. It is listed on EBay Motors and has a very reasonable-ish 159,900 buy it now price Or best offer. So if you are the type of person who wants to buy a car, fool the neighbors into thinking you’re a sensible boring human person your perfect NASCAR inspired Camry is only a click away. Though I suspect it’s quite loud and no word on whether it is actually street legal so proceed at your own risk.

camry int

Source: Jalopnik

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