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Why Does This Game Of Thrones Episode Have Rally Racing In It?

Looks like Robb Stark has ditched the leather clad armor and put on a Stig costume to appear in a really weird looking Game Of Thrones episode. This trailer doesn’t seem to have a lot of bloodshed or incestuous lovemaking, rather it’s filled with close up shots of Robb Stark Richard Madden looking tense as he prepares and races in the short-lived but totally epic Group B rally racing. The aptly titled Group B is a short 26 minute film produced by the National Film and Television School. The story takes you back to 1986, during the peak and last year of the ‘Golden Age’ of rallying.

The trailer shows a pretty promising short film and sells itself as more of an artistic and character driven story, rather than the shallow, explosion-filled, steroid-injected, films we have come to expect from the Fast and Furious franchise.

(Source: Vimeo)

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