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Apparently “Anti-Hooning” Laws Are A Thing

We all know the new Ford Focus RS. We love it, every last bit of it. In fact, it might be perfect. What more do you want? The thing has a button that when depressed engages drift mode. I don’t know about you guys but that might be the greatest button ever fitted to any car ever created. Thing is though, the button doesn’t immediately turn you into Ken Block.  Like most of these things it will inevitably be used by the wrong person.

According to an article on News.com.au Safety “experts” want to make Drift Mode illegal. They claim it goes against their (Wish I was making this up) “Anti-Hooning Laws”. These basically make doing things like drifting and burnouts on public roads illegal. So illegal in fact that if you are caught burning a little rubber you could have your car confiscated. You can see that their heart is kind of in the right place. You want to discourage idiots from doing idiotic things. There are about 1.7 trillion examples of these morons leaving Cars and Coffee. Like this one, and this one.

Thing is you shouldn’t punish the car maker or even the responsible drivers who only use Drift Mode responsibly. If you are dumb enough to use it on a public road, and you happen to get caught you should have to face the consequences. It’s not the car’s fault you’re a raging dumbass. Leave the poor car alone and punish the individuals. For Christ’s sake this is Australia. They basically invented the word “hoon” and it’s a country founded on the sound principle that is a British penal colony. It’s a country of outlaws, it is woven into the fabric of Australia, it is what gives it its charm. Stop trying to legislate that out of it.

This whole type of thing really annoys me. Luckily, Ford has ZERO plans to discontinue Drift Mode in Australia. Which is good news for the responsible hooners in Australia. I think the only logical course of action from here is for you to gather as many Focus RS’s as you can find (maybe throw in some Falcons as well) and go to a local track and drift you your heart’s content. Celebrate in a way that shows these talking heads that just because we’re car guys (and gals) were not all a roving pack of knuckle dragging morons. Show them that they can take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR DRIFT MODE!!!

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