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Corvette Z06 Lands Critical Hit On Deer

Deer happens. Despite how safely you try to drive, deer and other wildlife are always willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to destroy your cherished ride. Perhaps they want you to reconnect with your insurance agent, or maybe they’ve had it with their miserable deer lives and they want to end it in the most spectacular, head-whipping, body-flailing fashion. “I’ll just drive around a race track! There wouldn’t be any deer there!” Oh no! You’d be deer-dead wrong!

Just take a look at this unfortunate dude driving his Corvette Z06 around Summit Point Motorsports Park in West Virginia. Just before he goes into turn one after the long straight, a deer decided it was time the right time to die and bolted straight into the path of General Motors’ finest Deer Shredder. The deer smashed its head through the steeply raked windshield and flailed itself back out over the roof.

There’s no doubt the car is pretty busted up as the result of this collision. However, as witnessed in the slow-motion, there could have been a much bigger and bloodier mess had the deer been decapitated. This isn’t the first time a deer collision has been caught on camera and it won’t be the last.

(Source: Jim Greenwood)

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  1. Get well soon, deer!

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