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Details Begin To Emerge On NSX-GT3 Debut

One of the things we are eagerly anticipating here at ShiftingLanes is the debut of a true production based debut of the new NSX’s pissed off racing cousin. We were there in New York when they announced the NSX GT3. Try as might I could not get Acura/Honda’s top brass to reveal who and what series the NSX GT3 would race. The exciting bit is that they could be racing sooner than we thought.

“We’re exploring the options on which series to run the car in for 2017, and which teams to run the car with, and once we get the series and the team nailed down, we can look at drivers,” HPD vice president Steve Eriksen told RACER in a recent interview.

The timing and location of the interview is what sheds light on their potential plans. The interview took place prior to IMSA’s 6 Hours of the Glen. It was widely believed that HPD would choose their long time partners RealTime Racing to campaign the new car in the Pirelli World Challenge. However, they may not be the only choice. Eriksen told racer they were at Watkins Glen specifically to talk to IMSA teams.

“It’s one of the reasons I’m here talking to (IMSA) teams this weekend in Watkins Glen, and we’re look at options in Pirelli World Challenge’s GT class for what will be the best way to serve the brand and sell the car to customers so we can proliferate its presence throughout the paddocks.”

If you watched the qualifying for the 6 Hours John Hindhaugh added a tidbit that makes things really interesting. Hindhaugh hinted that HPD may be looking to debut the NSX GT3 in IMSA as early as the final 2 races of 2016. HPD already has in its possesion a test car. Recently built by the Italian JAS Motorsport. Assuming testing goes according to plan it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to see the NSX GT3 on track in anger this season. Which is hugely exciting. Stay tuned.

Source: Racer.com & IMSA Radio

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