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How Much Horsepower Does A Top Fuel Dragster Make?

That may be a simple question to you. That may be easy to answer. However the biggest, baddest, most insane dyno on the planet can only handle about 4000 horsepower. Top Fuel Cars are making way more than that. The prevailing theory is that they make about 10,000 horsepower. That, of course, is insane, I mean¬†completely off the rails bat shit insane. Here’s the thing though, nobody has been able to confirm or deny that number. As you will see in the video below they have made a device that fits between the clutch pack and the rear differential. This will give the real-time torque number of the engine. From there you take the torque number, throw it into a formula and that gives you the horsepower figure. Check out the video below. 1, it is always entertaining to hear really smart people talk while there is metal music in the background. 2, The numbers may surprise you.

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