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INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Wanted To Know About Hockenheimring

The German Grand Prix is here! And if you thought it was going to be in Nürburgring this year you’d be wrong because it’s Hockenheim’s turn. The two locations have been alternating hosts for the German Grand Prix ever since 2007.

The Hockenheimring has been around since 1932 and was originally used for motorcycle racing and test track for Mercedes Benz and Audi (Originally Auto Union before all of the mergers and changes in ownership). The original circuit spanned 4.24 miles consisting of four very long straights which was broken up by chicanes. In 2002 the Hockenheimring was redesigned to a much shorter 2.84 miles to accommodate modern Formula One racing and improve safety, security, and spectator viewing.

This will be the perfect place to see whether Ferrari (224 pts) and Red Bull Racing (223 pts) can breakaway from their virtual tie, and another great track to see another showdown between the Silver Arrows’ Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Renault has released a nifty FACTFILE infographic on the circuit for this weekend’s race (July 29-31, 2016). Here’s some interesting tidbits:

Lowest starting position for a winner: 18

Number of overtakes (2014): 65

Race distance: 190.4 miles

Highest G-force: 3.5 (Turn 12 for 0.8 seconds)

Average starting position for the winner: 2.44

Winners from Pole Position: 32

(Source: Renault)

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