Lexus Touting The RC-F GT3’s Racing Prowess Even Though It Doesn’t Have Any… Yet.

We have been promised the North American Race Debut of the Lexus RC-F GT3 for quite some time. While it remains uncertain when the RC-F GT3 will see a Race Track, Lexus just debuted a commercial in North America featuring the RC-F GT3. The 30 second clip demonstrates the direct link between F Performance race vehicles and their street counterparts. Specifically in this commercial the F Sport Line of street cars. This is a bold direction for Lexus to go in, the race car hasn’t turned many laps globally and when it did things did not go well.

Lexus has tasked Paul Gentilozzi to lead newly founded F Performance Racing. They are working feverishly to get the current RC-F GT3 on track this season in IMSA’s WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Should Lexus make it to a track this season, Scott Pruett and Sage Karam have been tasked with the driving duties.

Lexus is also slated to take part in next year’s FIA’s Balance of Performance test with an all new RC-F GT3. This test is required in order to receive GT3 homologation. Worst case scenario and barring an unforeseen catastrophe Lexus will be at Daytona next season.

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