Lexus Won’t Debut The RC-F GT3 This Season.


Lexus announced yesterday news we all probably saw coming. The RC-F GT3 will not make it’s North American debut this season. Lexus has been using its existing chassis for testing this season and was originally believed to debut later this season in IMSA’s WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. Lexus has decided to forgo the 2016 season in favor of preparing the all new RC-F GT3 for 2017. Lexus has repeatedly stated that they will be at the GT3 Homologation test early in 2017. They will then run 2 factory supported cars in IMSA in 2017.

lexus rcf gt3

Here’s the thing though, even though we all saw this coming this news is still slightly concerning. Lexus is touting this car and it hasn’t done squat yet. Sure it’s done a few races in Japan and ran at the Nurburgring but they have seen little to no success. I hope I’m wrong but I get a whiff of the Nissan GTR LMP1 with this whole program. Like Nissan, Lexus has started marketing the car before it has had any real success. They’ve even launched a TV commercial, just like Nissan did. I hope I’m wrong, I like Lexus, I like the guys over at F Performance but I just get this feeling that they’re getting ahead of themselves.

Here’s hoping my concerns are unfounded and we see this car thundering around Daytona in January. Here’s hoping that the new car which is currently being built in Japan is actually competitive. Here’s hoping we see the Lexus vs Acura rivalry that we all deserve!


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