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Mighty Car Mods vs Roadkill? Yes Please!

If you own an internet and are into cars, chances are you’ve seen Mighty Car Mods and Roadkill. But in the off-chance you haven’t (what the hell are you doing???) here’s a brief description. Roadkill lead by David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan started life as a YouTube show. These 2 guys are now famous for making the ridiculous, and making it awesome. Now they fall under the Motor Trend banner. Honestly their list of awesome is too long to list, better you saunter on over to the Roadkill YouTube Channel.

Mighty Car Mods is presented by Marty and MOOG. These 2 Australians started their internet rise doing simple DIY performance upgrades to their cars. Over time their builds got more involved. They built an 11 second Subaru Legacy sleeper called Super Gramps. Their unique blend of knowledge, skill and humor makes their videos can’t miss viewing for any car guy (or gal).  collaboration

What’s better than these 2 shows on their own? The two of them, together on a collaborative effort. Which makes the following very exciting. Mighty Car Mods just announced on their Facebook page they will be going up against Roadkill in some kind of challenge.

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