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Something Is Different With This Drift Car.

I will fully admit, the internet is overflowing with drift videos. They’re everywhere. One could get a little numb to them. I know I am. Here’s the thing though, every now and then one catches your attention. It could be the course, the car just the sheer insanity of it all, whatever it may be it just peaks your interest. Well last night I came across this. It is far from the longest drift video, nor is the driving particularly epic. What initially caught my eye was the fact that it was a Mercedes station wagon, not exactly the drifters car of choice. Then I noticed the black smoke and then it hit me, there was a smoke stack going right through the hood like a big rig. I finally put it all together this was as far from your typical drift car as you could get. A diesel wagon with a Semi inspired exhaust system. You have to applaud the builders/drivers of this thing cause it definitely took some creativity to come up with this thing.

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