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The Craziest Rotary Engine You’ve Never Heard Of

So we all know the awesome unconventional-ness of a Rotary motor. Small, yet immensely powerful. Sure they aren’t the most efficient things, but they are very mod-able thus us car people love them. We’ve shown you a 4 rotor RX-7 blast around the track, we’ve even shown you a totally unnecessary yet completely awesome 4 rotor & 4 turbo drag car.

Well we have found it. The one rotary engine that ups the badass level all the way to 11. This is the one Rotary engine to rule them all. This is the Alpha and Omega of custom Rotary engines. If 4 rotors is bat shit insane what say you about 12? Yes 12 rotors! I was doing my usual internet searching and I came across this unholy beast of complete fantastic-ness. There are 3 banks of 4 rotors each. Total displacement is 15.7 liters. According to the builder, Tyson Garvin (ShiftingLanes Dude of The Week winner by the by) the engine makes about 1400 horsepower naturally aspirated. Triple that when turbos and race fuel is added. Oh yes, turbos!

12 - 3 rotors

This thing is destend to end up in a boat. Yes, a boat. But as we saw with Mercury Marine’s QCV4, Boat engines are insane, and they will easily fit into a car. All it takes is some beautiful lunatic to put in the effort to squeeze this beast into a car. We highly recommend someone do this. Maybe put it into a Toyota GT-86, seeing how putting exotic engines into them is all the rage now.

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