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The Ring Claims A Unicorn. Koenigsegg One:1 Wrecks, Carted Off On Flatbed.

Today is a sad day. Today we’ve lost a unicorn. Today we have the very unfortunate task of telling you that a Koenigsegg One:1 has crashed at the Nurburgring. The green hell has claimed another and this time it could be the most expensive one the circuit has ever seen. For a road car that is.

According to a report from Motor Authority the One:1 entered the Adenauer Forst section of the ‘ring, locked up the brakes, and went straight off track and into the barriers at a high rate of speed. Given what the car looks like now, it’s testament to how well the One:1 is built that the driver came out unscathed.

Here’s the aftermath.

From Motor Authority:

According to our photographer, the driver came into the section with too much speed, slammed on the brakes and then slid off the track. The car eventually crashed through a barrier and into an embankment. The long skid mark that remains may indicate some form of mechanical issue, possibly relating to the ABS.

Just seven were built, including a prototype, and the original price is thought to have been 2.8 million euros (approximately $3.1 million), meaning this is likely to be the most expensive car outside of motorsports to ever crash at the Nürburgring.

Koenigsegg was using the One:1 in preparation for a lap record attempt. The company is yet to announce what car it will actually use for its record attempt, though. It’s possible the attempt will be made with the still-in-production Agera RS of which there are 25 being built.

More news as we get it, but this is a sad loss for the car world. one is now gone and only 7 One:1s remain. Glad everyone came out okay.

(Source: Motor Authority)

Written by Gregson

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