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This M2 Makes 621 Golden Horsepower

Here at ShiftingLanes I am the resident Tuner. I simply can not leave well enough alone. Whether it was my 2001 Focus or my current 2002 Lexus IS300, leaving them stock was not an option. So when companies decide to take already great cars and make them better they definitely get my attention. Enter the epic BMW M2. It is just about perfect from the factory. Perfect size, 371 horsepower is more than enough to make it hilariously fun to drive. Everything about it is exactly as you’d want. Or is it?

621 M2 1

Manhart Racing doesn’t think so. The UK tuning firm has been hopping up BMW’s for 25 years now and recently they have turned their attention to the M2. They are working under the very basic, very logical mantra of, “if some is good, more is better”. The M2’s standard engine just wasn’t cutting it for these guys so they replaced it, with the same straight six that usually calls the M3/4 home. That engine is good enough for most with its 425 horsepower, not so for Manhart. Gone are the stock turbos in favor of Manhart’s own. Add in a new intercooler and a stainless steel exhaust and the Manhart MH2 630 makes 621 horsepower.

621 M2 3

Manhart didn’t stop there though. They upgraded the brakes, wheels and tires, making them bigger and more capable of handling 621 horsepower. They added carbon fiber, a lot of carbon fiber. The hood, spoiler, sills, diffuser, and front splitter all got the carbon fiber treatment. The interior gets Alcantara with gold stitching, an Alcantara steering wheel, Recaro sports seats and a special display. And finally probably the most noticeable change. It’s gold, very gold.

621 M2 4

621 M2 5

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