Trophy Truck Vs Nitro Funny Car

Trophy Trucks are nuts. 850 horsepower, massive suspension and equally massive tires. They are pure automotive awesomeness at its absolute finest. You drive one and you would be forgiven for thinking you are the lord of all you survey. Pull up to the starting line and you are the man. But then this guy shows up in a Nitro Funny Car. Sporting 10,000 horsepower, suddenly you are hilariously out gunned. Trophy Trucks aren’t slow. Even out of their element they can still do a standing quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds. That’s really fast. But as you’ll see in the video below it just isn’t when compared to the pure unfiltered badassery of a Nitro Funny Car.

The video comes courtesy of the Snap-on Seat Swap Experience. Funny Car champ, Cruz Pedregon and off-road racing champ, Bryce Menzies swapped cars to get a taste of the other’s world. The finale saw both back in their natural seats for a drag race. Menzies, in his Trophy Truck was given a 6 second head start but was completely overshadowed by the insanity of the Funny Car.

Note, if you’re lazy and just want to see the race, jump to the 10 minute mark.

Source: Snap-On & YouTube

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