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Danill Kvyatt’s Days At Red Bull Are Numbered

Last week rumors were flying around about Daniil Kvyat’s future with Torro Rosso. The Russian Driver’s struggles this season are well-documented. He was a menace early in the season, clashing with Sebastian Vettel on more than one occasion. This led to a demotion from the A squad at Red Bull. Upon reaching Torro Rosso Kvyat has been routinely and convincingly outperformed by his teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. However, Dr. Helmut Marko, head of Red Bull’s driver program has come to Kvyat’s defense.

Marko told Germany’s motorsport-magazin.com: “Kvyat only needs one or two good races to get his self-confidence back. But he does have confidence. At the last race at Hockenheim, Toro Rosso was generally poorly unprepared with its new parts.”

I will agree it does look like Kvyat las lost confidence. Every time you see him or hear him speak he just looks like a defeated man. A defeat he totally brought on himself, mind you. I think Red Bull would be completely justified if they fired Kvyat. It started with him driving like a complete ass-hat. Kvyat was lucky he drove for Red Bull. Most times when a F1 driver gets demoted mid-season he is relegated to the test driver role. Kvyat did not even come close to taking advantage of this luck. Yes, I know jumping teams/cars mid-season is not an easy thing to do. But it hasn’t seemed to stop young Max Verstappen who has taken his opportunity and ran with it.

I fully expect Red Bull to make a change in the offseason. I expect one of their junior drivers to come up and take Kvyat’s seat. They can deny it all they want but I don’t see Kvyat’s results improving nor do I see Red Bull tolerating that. You don’t have the time to nurse a broken driver back. Formula 1 is all about today, tomorrow and teams simply can not afford to have a driver who isn’t getting the job done.

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