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Bernie Ecclestone’s Mother-In-Law Rescued After Daring Police Raid

After last week’s startling news about Bernie Ecclestone’s mother in law being kidnapped in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we have word that she was rescued last night in a tactical police raid.

Reports indicate that Aparecida Schunck was being held by her captors in Cotia, which is located near Sao Paulo. Elisabete Sato of the Sao Paulo police told the BBC that there was a major police operation to free Schunck. Sato also reported that Schunck was uninjured and that the 2 suspects were arrested and no ransom was paid.

Here’s a video of the dramatic and emotional family reunion (not in English).

According to some accounts Schunck was found tied up, but a one-paragraph statement from the police gave few details: “She was unharmed. Two men were arrested at the hideout near the city of Cotia. The operation continues.”

Schunck looked weary but unharmed as she spoke briefly to waiting press, before getting into a police car to be reunited with members of her family. “I just ask that the crooks do not kidnap anyone else in São Paulo because they will be arrested,” she said.

Kidnap had been a huge and usually unsolved crime in Brazil, particularly in São Paulo, the country’s largest city and the centre of commerce, for decades.

Although a dedicated anti-kidnap police taskforce has reduced the crime drastically over the past 15 years, many wealthy families are still believed to pay up quietly to recover a family member, for fear of a tragic outcome if the police are alerted.

Aparecida Schunck and Ecclestone were married in 2012. Schunck was kidnapped from her home in Interlagos, a neighborhood of Sao Paulo on July 22. The kidnappers demanded a $36.5 Million, the highest in Brazil’s history. They demanded the money be split into 4 bags and paid in Pounds Sterling. Police were able to track down where Schunck was being held captive. They arrested her 2 captors and rescued Schnuck uninjured.

This is a hugely interesting and wonderful outcome. It’s great because Schunk was unharmed and the kidnappers were brought to justice. However, with the Olympics starting this week, athletes need to be on their guard as this could happen to many of them. We’re glad Schnuck and the entire Ecclestone family can breath easy once again.

(Source: The Guardian)

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