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Hamlin Wins As Tempers Flare At The Glen

The day started off full of excitement for Furniture Row racing with their announcement of a 2nd car driven by Erik Jones for 2017 season. It ended with a completely different emotion, anger. In the final corner of the final lap Martin Truex Jr. was making a last-ditch effort to pass eventual winner Denny Hamlin. He didn’t anticipate Brad Keselowski  getting into his rear quarter panel and spinning him out. The end result not only denied Truex a chance at victory (no matter how slim) it cost him 5 positions.

Truex was not pleased, not in the slightest. On the cool down lap he banged into Keselowski twice, pushing Keselowski’s #2 Ford into the wall. After the race, Truex explained his actions.

“I felt like I maybe had (Hamlin) squared up a little bit and maybe could have drag-raced him to the line but it’d have been fun to see. But it was all not to be with getting hit in the left rear. It’s unfortunate but hard racing at the end, with all of us going for a win and already locked into the Chase. I guess he (Keselowski) kind of races with that mentality that, ‘Hey, it doesn’t really matter where we finish or if we finish,’ so I just have to be mindful of that when we’re around him for the rest of the year.”

I am far from a Keselowski fan. He just irks me. But, to his credit he took full responseability for the wreck after the race.

“It was obviously my fault when you run into the back of somebody,” Keselowski said. “I saw the 11 was blocking low and thought the 78 would get in behind and rub up the 11 and I wanted to be outside to make a cross-over and see if I couldn’t get both. At the last-minute he came back up and I was already committed. I didn’t think he would come back up. You make a commitment before you know what is going to happen and I made a commitment and it didn’t work out. He got the bad end of it. I hit him from behind and that is my fault. Luckily with the way this Chase is, he probably won’t want to hear it, but it doesn’t hurt him too bad.”

I really want to slam Keselowski here. I want to make reference to Keselowski attending the same school as Nico Rosberg on how to take a corner when a corner is already occupied by an opponent. Thing is, I can’t. This is NASCAR after all, this is the land where Rubbin’s Racin. I  I’ll let you guys be the final judge and jury on this one.

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