Lamborghini Heading Back To Le Mans?

Lamborghini has been rumored to be building a GTE version of the Huracan for the World Endurance Championship since June. Of course Lambo’s head of Motorsport, Giorgio Sanna denied those claims. Stating that Lamborghini would continue to focus on their GT3 efforts and Super Trofeo series. However is reporting Lamborghini has opened a design study with partner Dallara. The reports have the study focused around a GTE car. If confirmed this would mark the return of Lamborghini to the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans.

huracan gt3 at daytona

Obviously no official word has been given and we have been down this road before with McLaren. Teams conduct these types of studies all the time it is not necessarily an indication that an announcement is imminent. However Sportscar365 reported back in June that industry sources had inferred not only was the program moving forward but Lamborghini was in the process of building a GTE Huracan. Testing was believed to be planed for the end of the year. Again, nothing has been confirmed yet, but there is a lot swirling around Lambo at the moment. Usually when there is this amount of buzz there is something going on. If Lamborghini were to join the GTE ranks with a factory team they would be joining the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, Ford and Aston Martin. BMW is also rumored to be building a full spec GTE car for 2018 so things in GTE could be getting very interesting very quickly.

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