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Mazda’s RX-792P Screams Around Laguna Seca

The Monterey Historics is an event that should be on every single gearhead’s bucket list. It’s like going to a classic car show except the cars actually race. It’s a glimpse into our past and an all to rare opportunity to see some of the most legendary machinery roar again. For me personally it is a chance to hear cars from the golden age of North American Sportscar Racing. The IMSA GT era saw the most insane machinery to ever grace our tracks. Sure modern cars are safer and more sophisticated but they lack the raw power of the IMSA GTPs. It is a visceral experience to hear one of those machines roar, scream, bellow down a race track. Thanks to the Historics you get a glimpse into what the racing might have been like when these machines were legitimately pushing IndyCar for top dog in North American motorsport. (NASCAR hadn’t hit it’s stride yet)

Today’s Video comes courtesy of and features one of the lesser known GTPs, the Mazda RX-792P. The 792P never really enjoyed massive on track success but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound glorious. As you may or may not have guessed the RX-792P is Rotary powered. 4 rotors to be exact and as we all know, Mazda’s race prepped rotaries sound epic. You really do need to crank up the volume and enjoy this classic scream once more.


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