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Meanwhile In Texas… AK-47 vs. Mercedes

Armored cars, home of dignitaries, politicians, and anyone who fears there’s a better than decent chance someone wants to shoot them. They promise a lot, bullet proof cocoons of safety against world’s lunatics. But how exactly does an armored car company advertise? The armored car market is quite small so normal advertising isn’t going to cut it. Well meet the chaps over at Texas Armoring Corporation. I think they have just about nailed armored car marketing. Step one build a beast of an armored vehicle. Step 2, put the CEO of the entire company in the driver’s seat. Step 3 shoot it repeatedly with an AK-47. Yup, the CEO doesn’t even flinch while bullets are hitting his brand new Mercedes. I know he has confidence in his creation but it still takes big ones made out of a combination of carbotanium and vibranium to just sit there and let someone shoot at you. You got to hand it to them though. They literally put their balls on the line to test their products. So if you’re a politician, dignitary or I don’t know, a Bond Villan Give the guys at TAC a call, they do not mess around.


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