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The Most Badass Mk I Golf On The Planet

The MkI Golf was the car that started the Hot Hatch Revolution. Cheap, reliable, fun and surprisingly fast. Though I must admit, the original designers probably didn’t have expect someone to throw a 1000 horsepower engine in one. Yes, 1000 horsepower, 1056 to be exact. You might expect some form of fire LS or 2JZ in the engine bay. What actually motivates this sleeper is a 16 valve ABF 2.0 liter with a GTX4202R turbocharger. Tuned by a KMS ECU with Boba-Motoring doing the mapping. The end result might be the ultimate sleeper. Sure the car looks modified, but not 1056 horsepower modified.

Naturally when you build a machine like this you want to test it out. Test its capabilities against other vehicles to see just what kind of badassery you have come up with. These individuals decided Yamaha’s R1 was a suitable dance partner. The R1 is 1000 cc’s of Japanese Sport Bike Fury. It is one of the fastest street bikes on the market which in a straight line makes it one of the fastest accelerating machines on the road.

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