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There Are 815 Reasons To Love This Orange BMW M5

The BMW M5 is the quintessential German performance sedan. 550 horsepower wrapped up in a reserved luxury. It is understated, to the uninitiated it looks like a normal 4 door sedan. However as we all know  the M5 is and always has been the benchmark for performance sedans. It’s all different kinds of perfect. 550 horsepower is all you need for a street car. The bodywork is subtle yet aggressive. It provides all the luxury you’ll ever need without being ostentatious. It takes rather large ones to improve perfection.

m5 6

So how does one go about improving what is already an all time great machine? For starters, you add orange paint. This is a personal thing, but orange paint always improves a car. Doesn’t matter what car it is, from a McLaren to a Ford Festiva, orange paint makes every car better. Next, you up the power. Lets say you increase output by about 268 hp. In the M5’s case, what you end up with is this:

m5 1

Say hello to the Carbonfiber Dynamics M5. They built this beautiful excessively over powered M5. They’re located in Dortmund, Germany and what they’ve done is build quite possibly the greatest tuned M5 ever. They are being coy with the upgrade list. They have admitted to upgrading the turbos and exhaust. Naturally the ECU has been “tweaked” to maximize the effectiveness of the upgrades. The finished product has 815 horsepower. Or to put it another way, 108 horsepower MORE than a Hellcat. Throw in the Orange paint and this is now my favorite German thing in the history of German things.

m5 5

m5 4

m5 2

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